Photography and Photographic Art by Michele Cornelius

Protect Alaska

Coming from the lower 48, Alaska’s wild places seemed so pristine and vast but as I learn more and dig deeper, there are very real threats to all the places I have visited and document in my photos.  It is important we take a stand (hopefully not the last stand) to protect the wild places in Alaska from environmental threats such as resource development.  Our current governor, Parnell, is hell bent on selling out in any way possible for profits and seems to have no concern for protecting the wild rivers, salmon runs, or preserving wild places.  I don’t get the short-sighted greed, and as the effects of bad decisions become apparent more Alaskans are standing up to protect areas special to them.  I want to support these organizations in any way possible, so here is a list:

Lynn Canal Conservation – Local organization in Haines, my home base.

Susitna River Coalition – Centered in Talkeetna to fight the plans for the second tallest dam in America on the Susitna river which would devastate salmon runs and destroy habitat in a pristine wilderness. 

Cook Inlet Keeper – Out of Homer, working on issues affecting the waters of the Kenai Peninsula.

Ground Truth Trekking – Documenting wild places to show what would be lost to devastating developments such as the Pebble Mine.

Alaska Wilderness League – Mainly focused on fighting Arctic drilling.

Supporting these organizations through donations and responding to action alerts is one of the best ways to help protect the wild places in Alaska.  We can make a difference!


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