Photography and Photographic Art by Michele Cornelius


Snow and ice

No much snow at sea level, so we headed up the Chilkat River last week.  It slipped below zero a few times, and it was hard to keep fingers warm enough to take many photos but it was so beautiful with snow on the trees, ice floating on the river and rising mist.  We have a little wood stove in our 1966 VW bus that helped keep us warm.




Ice and Sun

Every walk on a winter beach is different with changing tides and temperatures,  with thaws and ice, with clouds and sun.  A winter wonderland!

Ice with Sunburst

Aurora magic

It is well worth going out into the cold to view the northern lights, one of the things I would miss if I ever leave Alaska…But I am not leaving!  This is close to my idea of paradise.

Glow of Northern Lights

Beautiful Snow

It is always beautiful here, but things looks even better with a dusting of snow.  This is Mud Bay, not too far from our house.   I feel so lucky to have landed in such an amazing place!


Winter Days

When the sun shines, the snow sparkles and everything is fine.

Winter shadow patterns

Snow and more snow!

We finally have snow, and 5 feet of it!  That coupled with unusually warm temps for Alaska…The unusual weather continues.  I talk with friends in various places, and it is strange all over.  Very cold in California, no snow in Chicago…The effects of climate change are showing.  I still talk with people who don’t believe we have anything to do with it, and aren’t at all concerned.  We need to be concerned, very concerned.  It is too late?  Here is a good discussion about climate change


Climate Change and Ice

Last winter we had record setting snow and cold, and this winter has been strange too.  It dips down very cold, then gets very warm and we have had very little snow.  These ice patterns are left on the beach as the tide goes out, with cold enough temperatures to freeze the still water.   I wonder what the future will bring, and how different plants and animals will adapt to it.   I wonder about the best place to live to avoid dramatic storms, drought, and extreme temperatures.



Frozen World

Things are getting cold…So cold it is hard to take photos, the car windows are frozen shut.  The still parts of the bay are full of ice, and big chunks of it are washing up on the beach at Land’s End.  Homer is a banana belt of Alaska, and this feels so harsh sometimes that I wonder what it would be like in the really cold places.  Part of me wants to go there for the adventure of experiencing it, and part of me wants to run back to warm and sunny California.  Not yet though!  It is so beautiful to see it, especially in winter.

Ice Patterns from the Anchor River

As the flowing water freezes, wonderful patterns are formed in the ice.  We have been going out to the Anchor river regularly since in places the water was only a foot or so deep so not too scary to walk on, although still slippery!  We could even see small fish swimming underneath our feet…

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