Photography and Photographic Art by Michele Cornelius


Joys of Winter

Although taking photos of  snow and ice are on top of my list, a big ‘joy of winter’ in Alaska is downtime.  When the weather gets snotty with slush and rain (like this week) and there are no grand photo ops to be had, it is time to finally process the backlog of photos from brighter days.  It is time to get creative with textures and overlays, a process which doesn’t  flow until time stretches out unspoken for and my mind can stray where it will.  The light is already returning and soon the whales and birds will arrive ushering us madly back to the frey, but for now I am fully enjoying these slow winter days.

I finally updated my portfolio site, which is still at  I’ll try to stop by here now and then with a post, but hate to make any promises given my poor track record!

Frozen Flow

Sailing Away…

I have sadly neglected this blog, but there is still hope I will return to regular posting one day.  Not soon though, since we have bought a sailboat on the coast of B.C. and will be sailing in back to Alaska in the next three weeks.  I am hoping to finally get an epic breaching humpback whale shot, or maybe a pod of orcas.  I am not the best at photographing anything that moves, but will get some practice.  With the sailboat in the Haines harbor, we should have many summer trips in the future to explore the wonders of Southeast Alaska.  Such a fantastic place to live with so many things to do that it is hard to sit in front of a computer.  I am still processing 10 photos a week to submit to stock agencies, some artistic, but have a huge backlog and have all but dropped out of G+, Ello, and social media.   Maybe I will drop by now and then in the winter, if it doesn’t snow….


space ship



Rise Above

Another of my images has been posted at Gnarled Oak, an online literary journal.  It is the one below, titled “Rise Above”.  I plan to submit more poetry and images to Gnarled Oak.  I am glad to be a part of it.

Rise Above

Out with the old

With a new governor in Alaska, there is hope for the new year.  Walker has halted spending on destructive mega projects including the Juneau road!  Fighting the mines that threaten the salmon rivers will be the next battle around here.  In the new year, I hope to get out and explore more of the wonderful wilderness around Haines by boat, plane, and on foot.


A Place Without a Postcard

I was excited to learn that one of my stock UFO images has been used as a book cover, and I just finished reading the book and it is fantastic!  Just the sort of story I love to read with quirky characters and a surprising plot.  I highly recommend reading A Place Without a Postcard by James Brush.  James is in Austin Texas, and I am glad to learn he is working on another novel since I would love to read more from this clever and talented author. His blog is Coyote Mercury.

Book Cover

Aurora magic

It is well worth going out into the cold to view the northern lights, one of the things I would miss if I ever leave Alaska…But I am not leaving!  This is close to my idea of paradise.

Glow of Northern Lights

A Back Road Traveler’s Alaska now on Kindle!

My photo book A Back Road Traveler’s Alaska is now available for the Kindle Fire!  Now that Kindle ebooks display color images, there is potential for photo books and I have another one in the works.  It is priced at $2.99 with all proceeds going to the Alaska Wilderness League.

A Back Road Traveler's Alaska


My Portfolio Site is Up!

My new portfolio site is up, .Photographic Art by Michele S. Cornelius.  I found out there is another photographer with a website under Michele Cornelius, so I added my middle initial to the domain name which is  I mainly wanted a place to put my portfolio and  links to anything else I am working on.  I will have a Blurb photo book about Alaska coming out very soon, and will put a link to it here.   It isn’t perfect yet, but it is a start!  This image is from a series I am working on titled “In Memory of Trees”.


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