Photography and Photographic Art by Michele Cornelius


Alaskan Spring

An Alaskan spring is slow to unfold but each sign is welcome.  At the end of March it is light enough at 8 pm to wander through the woods without a headlamp, which is appreciated since we are still walking in to our little house through the snow since we don’t plow the road.  In places the snow melts during the long day and freezes again at night, making fascinating random abstract art creations.  There is something more fantastic about those patterns than from someone’s imagination, somehow.  The Chilkat river is starting to flow again, and we walk out on the river flat to examine  ice patterns and hear booms as large chunks break free to flow down the channel.  The sun is bright, the wind is brisk and fierce.  Each day is glorious.

DSC04161v DSC04172

Time for Change

I was going to post mainly ‘straight’ photography here, like beautiful photos of Alaska, but since few people even look at this little blog, I might as well post images I enjoy most, the unusual ones comprised of layered photos mixed in strange ways.  I can feel that these are really mine, and that they are unique.  I am not even sure I could recreate them if I tried.

Here is my latest image.  Something different… Happy holiday wishes to all!  The new year is a good time for change.


Natural Patterns

I have been working on some images using photos of natural elements overlayed to form abstract patterns, and this one is with snow, but I also have done some with ice and trees.  These will form a series on my new website that will have my  portfolio.  I will keep this blog for progress postings and thoughts.  The website will be at  I will put a link here when it is up!

Glacial Silt

This summer we walked on glaciers, peered in blue crevasses and followed rivers of glacial silt.  99 percent of Alaska’s glaciers are retreating, and in the last 5 years the rate has doubled.  Of course this is part of a worldwide trend, and a scary one.  I don’t think most people fully realize how vulnerable we are.

Lensbabies and Frost

I recently obtained a Lensbaby, and am seeing my world in new ways!  This is the sun shining through frost on a window.

The Collective Unconscious

An abstract from natural elements.  It started with a photo of foam on a swirling muddy creek, the patterns caught my eye!

Ice Patterns from the Anchor River

As the flowing water freezes, wonderful patterns are formed in the ice.  We have been going out to the Anchor river regularly since in places the water was only a foot or so deep so not too scary to walk on, although still slippery!  We could even see small fish swimming underneath our feet…

Seaweed, up close…

It is wonderful exploring seaweed found on the beach with my 50 mm lens with macro extension tubes.  Magical!

Patterns in the Sand

Some sand patterns from Bishop’s beach.  The glint of light in the water caught my eye!


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