Photography and Photographic Art by Michele Cornelius

Joys of Winter

Although taking photos of  snow and ice are on top of my list, a big ‘joy of winter’ in Alaska is downtime.  When the weather gets snotty with slush and rain (like this week) and there are no grand photo ops to be had, it is time to finally process the backlog of photos from brighter days.  It is time to get creative with textures and overlays, a process which doesn’t  flow until time stretches out unspoken for and my mind can stray where it will.  The light is already returning and soon the whales and birds will arrive ushering us madly back to the frey, but for now I am fully enjoying these slow winter days.

I finally updated my portfolio site, which is still at  I’ll try to stop by here now and then with a post, but hate to make any promises given my poor track record!

Frozen Flow

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