Photography and Photographic Art by Michele Cornelius

Sailing Away…

I have sadly neglected this blog, but there is still hope I will return to regular posting one day.  Not soon though, since we have bought a sailboat on the coast of B.C. and will be sailing in back to Alaska in the next three weeks.  I am hoping to finally get an epic breaching humpback whale shot, or maybe a pod of orcas.  I am not the best at photographing anything that moves, but will get some practice.  With the sailboat in the Haines harbor, we should have many summer trips in the future to explore the wonders of Southeast Alaska.  Such a fantastic place to live with so many things to do that it is hard to sit in front of a computer.  I am still processing 10 photos a week to submit to stock agencies, some artistic, but have a huge backlog and have all but dropped out of G+, Ello, and social media.   Maybe I will drop by now and then in the winter, if it doesn’t snow….


space ship



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